Our Story

Everybody goes through a "Bowie Phase"... ours seemed to have lasted for over 20 years. As a team, we've built a grass roots following of music loving professionals in multiple industries including: Finance, Technology, and Entertainment. Over that time we've played every major conference on Wall Street and just about every 40 foot stage New York City has to offer.

Our passion for music, performance, and good times has led us to the creation of something new, "Rock & Roll Conference". A major percent of our shows have been tied to a charity, and 100% have been a blast.

Our Approach

We are widely recognized for delivering high-power rock concerts combined with very special speakers to catch you up on the latest topics of the highest professional standard.

Our expertise spans a wide range of industries and we have a strong reputation for delivering excellent events around the world.

We work with each client to deliver measurable event marketing goals. We also offer promotional marketing services from promotion development, event management and special events in all markets.

Meet the Team


Joseph Lalicata

Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar


Kamran Rafieyan

Vocals & Lead Guitar


Pete Prunty

Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Bass


Chris Crowley



Joe Isaacs

Drums & Percussion


Whether you're organization is a traditional 501(c) involved in charitable or educational purpose, or an Unincorporated Nonprofit looking to become a 501(c), or maybe you're or a For-Profit company looking for a big boost...If your looking to book us for your next conference or event, or a professional Speaker looking to build your brand at our next show...just click the button!