Event description

Following in his Fathers Joseph J. and big sister Lucia’s footsteps, Joseph M. Lalicata has been asking for his own program since the Pandemic began…sick and tired of of saying “No” (…for years) the decision was made to give it a go.

THE JOE SHOW begins 03-9-2023 That’s Right!!!! “2023” at 7 PM!!! It’s “The Joe Show” … Sponsored by “SURE ELECTRIC” and J.O.E. “Jeckida Original Entertainment”. Produced by Joseph Lalicata in association with Rock and Roll Conference. Tonight’s episode features talk, singing, dancing, special guests, musical performances, dark-comedy and plenty of laughs. The Live Stream continues …Joseph (often referred to as “JoJo”) is a one-hour American daytime variety comedy talk show hosted by 7 year old, athlete, singer, songwriter, musician, Joseph Michael Lalicata. Link: https://rockandrollconference.com/events/the-joe-show/ Produced by Rock and Roll Conference “The Joe Show” airs Thursday nights at 7PM.All technological & security precautions/protections have been taken for this live show.

If your having troubles viewing the live episodes try here: https://rockandrollconference.com/home/

No playback is available for any show; so you must tune in live to see what happens. https://rockandrollconference.com/events/the-joe-show/