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LUCIA LIVE. On 01-1-2021 That’s Right!!!! “2021” at 7 PM!!! It’s our New Years Opener” … Sponsored by “POSEIDON DIRECT” and JDE “Jeckida Digital Entertainment”. Produced by Joan Lalicata and Rock and Roll Conference. Tonight’s episode features more more singing, dancing, and plenty of laughs. The Quarantine Live Stream continues …

Lucia (often referred to as Lucy) is a one-hour American daytime variety comedy talk show hosted by 9 year old, Lucia Olivia Lalicata. Link: https://rockandrollconference.com/events/lucia-live/ Produced by Rock and Roll Conference “Lucia Live” airs Friday nights at 7PM.

If your having troubles viewing this live episode try here: https://rockandrollconference.com/home/

Produced by Rock and Roll Conference “Lucia Live” airs Friday nights at 7PM throughout the Pandemic.

Try “Alexa, play Lucia Lalicata”

Check out Lucia’s EP, “Sunday Night Blues” on https://tinyurl.com/ydydg4gy Amazon!
No playback is available for any show; so you must tune in live to see what happens. https://rockandrollconference.com/events/lucia-live/



  • Mittens
  • 1 year old, recording artist, singer, noise maker, watch cat, and criminal.

Joseph John Lalicata

  • Singer, Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Philanthropist, and now Playwright.

Lucia Olivia Lalicata

  • Lucia Olivia Lalicata
  • 9 year old, talk show host, recording artist, singer, song writer, musician, dancer, gamer, and activist.